Our Vision is that we will partner with you to restore inner vitality by providing integrative whole-person focused nutrition to promote wellness from within.
Dr. Hollie Schipper ND is passionate about partnering with you to find the root cause of your stress, or your symptoms. Every symptom has an underlying cause and we focus on fixing the cause rather than treating symptoms.
Focusing on you as a holistic person – body, mind & spirit is important to enable homeostasis. Emotional health is as important as physical health. As part of our process we assist healing on an emotional level to enable greater physical results.
Nature-opathy recognizes an inherent healing process in each person as ordered and intelligent. The body is capable of healing itself given the right information. Follow the link to learn how Nature-opathy is different


Are you sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired?

You have come to the right place!

Digestive Issues? IBS? Hormonal Issues? Headaches? AutoImmune?

Achy Joints? Blood Pressure Issues? Immune ?

At Harmonic Wellness we offer individual health consultations and educational workshops. Our approach utilizes nutritional, homeopathic and enzyme therapy to improve digestion and overall health.

We know that gut health is imperative to having overall health!

We believe that given the right information your body has an innate ability to heal itself.

Let us help you get started on your wellness journey and get back to living!

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What Our Clients Say


Wellness depends on Enzymes

Enzymes are the workers in the body. They are the catalysts that enable all metabolic processes and are required for digestion, elimination, growth, repair and all other biochemical reactions that keep you living.

Without enzymes we are unable to fully digest, absorb and utilize protein, carbohydrates, and lipids to provide the body the nutrition it needs.


If You Struggle With:

Digestion Issues | Hormonal Imbalance | Migraines | Chronic Infections | Achy Joints | Inability To Control Blood Pressure
Depression | Insomnia | Chronic Fatigue | Fertility Issues | Menstrual Issues | Autoimmune Disorders

Harmonic Wellness Offers Individual Wellness Programs. We Meet You Where You Are In Your Health Journey And Work With
You To Find Solutions By Determining The Root Cause. We Embrace The Following Principles:

Preventive And Supportive Approach To Wellness | Client Personal Responsibility
A Healthy Partnership Between Client And Practitioner | Integration Of Mind, Body & Spirit | Ongoing Education

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