Capsicum, known as Cayenne, Hot Pepper

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Ingredients:  High-proof grain alcohol, distilled water, cayenne peppers, local raw honey

Historically Capsicum has been used for many years. In 1833, Samuel Thomson wrote in his “New Guide to Health”, “I have made use of Cayenne in all kinds of disease, and have given it to patients of all ages and under every circumstance that has come under my practice; and can assure the public that it is perfectly harmless, never having known to produce any bad effects whatever. It is no doubt, the most powerful stimulant known, but its power is entirely congenial to nature, being powerful only in raising and maintain that heat on which life depends.” 

Capsicum is often used when the circulatory system can benefit. It is typically used when body heat is low, and reaction sluggish.

It possesses an extraordinary power in removing congestion by its action upon nerves and circulation. (Practical Herbalism, Philip Fritchey, MH, ND)

Considerations: “The Physician’s Desk Reference for Herbal Medicines warns that long-term topical application can lead to blistering and skin ulceration, and that high doses taken internally over extended periods might bring about chronic gastritis, kidney and liver damage, and neurotoxic effects. Traditional herbalists strongly disagree, and the author’s experience has never given the slightest indication of persistent irritation or injury from the use of Capsicum, topically, or internally.” Practical Herbalism, Philip Fritchey, MH, ND) 

Dosage:  Typically one drop under the tongue as needed.  

As with any herbal preparation, dosage should be determined based on the status of your health and guidance from your practitioner. A teaspoon (dropperful) seems to do well for most people, but this should not be taken as a dosage recommendation.

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