Healthy Skin Care 

Sunshine Botanicals takes a naturopathic approach to results oriented skin care. Our skin care systems are deeply rooted in nature – with the science to back them up.  “Micro-brewed” to insure freshness and potency, we incorporate natures’ most powerful and well researched medicinal plants, enzymes and cutting edge nutraceuticals to deliver impressive results quickly, without chemicals.

Our founders are a master herbalist and a holistic aesthetician, who were determined to bridge the gap between science and nature. Their goal was to develop effective alternatives for results oriented skincare without the use of chemicals or drugs. As practicing herbalists, we understand the healing power of nature.  Our products are “micro-brewed” in small batches to insure freshness and potency, and all our herbal tinctures are made by hand. All tinctures are started on the beginning cycle of the new moon (utilizing age-old agricultural principles) in order to extract the maximum effect and potency of each plant or herb. The results speak for themselves.

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