Harmonic Wellness Centre 

Workshops & Events  

Educational workshops are scheduled regularly throughout the year at Harmonic Wellness Centre.  Many of these are available through on-line options such as zoom.  Please watch our Facebook page for upcoming events.  

Digestion 101 & 102 Workshops

This is a two part workshop – Real health begins in the digestive system – the gut!

  •  Digestion 101: A healthy digestive system is essential to overall health including immune, cardiovascular, hormones and even thyroid health.  This seminar gives you the basics of how the digestive system works.
  • Digestion 102 : Building on the basics from Digestion 101 we go into more details of the impact of an improperly working digestive system and what you can do to change your future health pattern.

Flower Essence Workshop 

Flower Essences are catalysts and can be used to assist in creating positive emotional health.  They can assist individuals to release emotional trauma and experience freedom from low self-esteem, more self-confidence, less fear and help you go through the stages of grief more gently.

Minerals & Cell Salts Workshops 

This is a Four Session Workshop to learn why minerals are important to our body and how we can utilize minerals through the use of cell salts to improve our health.

  • Minerals/Cell Salts Workshop 1:  An introduction to the 12 basic minerals essential to our body.
  • Minerals/Cell Salts Workshop 2:  Going deeper into the first set of minerals / cell salts and their use in the body.
  • Minerals / Cell Salts Workshop: Going deeper into the second set of minerals / cell salts and their use in the body.
  • Minerals / Cell Salts Workshop: Going deeper into the third set of minerals / cell salts and their use in the body.

Essential Oils 101 

In this workshop we will cover the basics of Essential Oils, how to use them, what to look for in quality, and some basic information for everyday living.

Six Weeks of Wellness 

In this series of six workshops we will discuss the importance of healthy living.

Restore – Regenerate – Revitalize – Defend

Subjects covered will include hydration, the many functions of your liver, why the thyroid isn’t the root cause,  immune system, emotions & energy, why nutrition is absolutely essential to heart health, the real culprit is sugar not cholesterol, and importance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

The Five Stages of Pregnancy 

Did you know that a healthy pregnancy starts with the health of both man and woman?   Learn more about creating a healthy baby and why you are having infertility issues and how to resolve them.

Quantum Clay / Mud Therapy Workshop

This hands-on workshop is offered to practitioners to learn the ancient art of Clay / Mud Therapy also known as mud-packing.  Please contact Dr. Hollie for more information and future dates.

Design Your Life Map Workshop 

Is it important to actually achieve your desired intensions & goals?  Do you struggle with getting results and making your goals happen?  This workshop will provide a roadmap for aligning your goals with your values and create a life changing experience.