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Do you treat chronic illness? Degenerative Diseases? Autoimmune Disorders? 

The human body in its balanced state is self-healing. When you provide the nutrition it needs, digest and absorb your food, efficiently remove waste, nourish exhausted body systems, and deal with emotional stress, it becomes balanced and self-healing. When this happens, many times, the symptoms of chronic illness disappear. It is incredible what can happen with your body when it receives good nutrition that is able to be digested and absorbed.

What will my first consultation include?

The first consultation is approximately two hours. Before your consultation, we email an online questionnaire and client intake form. When we meet, we review the questionnaire and intake form and complete a personal homeostatic structural assessment. Additionally, we include the emotional questionnaire at this time. You are provided the 24-hour urinalysis kit to complete at home.

How long will it take for me to see results?

Every individual is unique, and each person’s experience will vary. However, many clients report that their digestive disturbances and other symptoms are relieved within days, sometimes even within just a few meals. Total balance and restoration to health depend on each individual’s health history, how committed they are to the process, their compliance, and the length of sustained damage to their health. It’s like peeling the layers of an onion.

Because each individual is unique, we offer various services utilizing different modalities to optimize health and reduce stress. We utilize an integrative and holistic approach to identify and address current sources of stressors (mechanical, emotional, and nutritional), exploring past experiences and family dynamics. It requires a paradigm shift from the client to empower themselves to make and create change from within.

What is a health coach? 

Health Coaches are knowledgeable advisors who provide ongoing support and guidance as together we set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your health and happiness. As your Health Coach and Naturopathic Doctor, during every stage of your health journey, my role is to partner with you to empower change to create whole-body wellness.

What is a 24-Hour Urinalysis or Integrated Urine Panel?

The 24-hour urinalysis screening procedure is the best early warning system available today. While allopathic medicine utilizes blood work to identify problems, we utilize a unique process of examining the urine to determine what is going on at a cellular level. Blood work identifies problems once already in disease-state, so it is not sufficient for preventative health.

Urinalysis Collection: The procedure involves the client collecting their urine for 24 hours. Specific processes are followed, and a sample is sent to a lab for evaluation.

Results: The Enzyme & Digestive Practitioner then evaluates the lab results in combination with the questionnaire, Homeostatic Structural Analysis, client history, and interview.

What is a Homeostatic Structural Analysis or Palpation Test?

This procedure is a technique developed by Dr. Howard Loomis, Jr, for the Digestive Health Practitioner. It can assist in evaluation and answer many important questions regarding the nutritional needs of the body. It will indicate what dietary changes are needed to alleviate nutritional stress on the body and which digestive organs are stressed. It will help the practitioner to understand which food enzymes would be most efficient to improve pre-digestion. Most importantly, it will help the practitioner determine if your digestive system struggles to process carbohydrates, proteins, or fats. Additionally, we will be able to find out if the colon is efficiently eliminating waste.

Our bodies naturally want to maintain balance within the cells, but if we cannot digest our food, nutrition is not absorbed, and we will not maintain homeostasis. Therefore we experience symptoms. We also need water, oxygen, and sleep to maintain health. We must keep the channels of elimination clear so the immune system is not overworked and can sustain health.

Why is the Lymphatic System important? 

The Lymphatic System is responsible for removing waste products produced by the trillions of cells in the body. If your lymphatic system is congested, sustainable and vibrant health is compromised leading to other symptoms.

How long has Reflexology been around?

Reflexology has its roots in ancient Egypt, India, and China. Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs show reflexology sessions in progress. For centuries scientists have explored the theory that the body has energy zones running through it. In 1917, Dr. William FitzGerald rediscovered Reflexology and brought it to the U.S.

Hollie studied Reflexology from 2015-2016 and completed four levels of coursework. This included 170 hours of study, practicum, written exams, and testing of applied techniques, culminating in a Certificate in Reflexology in September 2016 from Branch Reflexology Institute in Okemos, Michigan.

What is the Food Enzyme Institute (formerly Loomis Institute) where Hollie received her Advanced Digestive Health Professional Diploma? 

The Food Enzyme Institute is a postgraduate educational program approved by the State of Wisconsin Educational Approval Board. The seminar material is the work of Howard F. Loomis, Jr., DC, FIACA. Dr. Loomis has combined the work of food enzyme pioneer Edward Howell, MD, with his many years of clinical experience to develop this Diploma and certification program. The philosophy behind the Food Enzyme Institute is based on the premise that the body possesses an innate intelligence to heal and maintain itself when it is given the proper amounts of air, water, nutrients, and exercise. It is our goal as digestive health professionals to identify those organs that are struggling to do their part for the maintenance of homeostasis. The Loomis System®, developed by Howard Loomis, Jr., is a system of diagnostic techniques that can be used to determine the hidden causes of chronic symptoms. All stress, whether it is from a mechanical, chemical, or emotional source, increases the body’s need for nutrition. The Loomis System® focuses on this need because when the body does not have the adequate nutrition to meet the increased stress, the results are always the same. Dr. Loomis has an extensive background in the creation of clinically effective enzyme supplements. His knowledge of physiology, biochemistry, and enzymology has enabled him to educate health professionals around the world on the clinical use of plant enzymes. Hollie Schipper is proud to be a graduate of this program and to be able to offer this knowledge to her clients.

Does insurance cover Harmonic Wellness Centre LLC services or supplements?

Preventative or restorative health consulting is typically not covered by insurance. We do not bill insurance companies but will provide documentation, free of charge, if you choose to apply for reimbursement yourself. Many individuals utilize their Health Savings Account or flexible spending accounts to pay for Harmonic Wellness Centre’s services and supplements.

Cancellation Policy:

We understand that life happens, but to be respectful to all our clients, the following policies are followed.

Late for an appointment – the allotted time for the appointment will be maintained.

Cancellation / Reschedules: We request a 24-hour notice for cancellations or reschedules.

Cancellations less than 24-hours’ notice will result in a $50.00 charge.

Missed appointments will not be refunded and will be charged at full price