Fertility / Hormonal Health

Hormone Balance is complex and can affect the health of all ages and genders

Fertillity Hormonal HealthHormones can be balanced naturally, without using risky and expensive drugs.

At Harmonic Wellness, we work with you to support the body’s power to naturally produce hormones and interact with all cells appropriately. It is imperative to have balanced hormonal health to enjoy vibrant energy and wellness. It all starts in the digestive system.

Hormone health does not depend on age, but on a complex set of factors: quality of your diet, sleep, and exercise; the air you breathe, the water you drink, emotional health and many other life’s variables.

We can identify hormone imbalances utilizing our 24-hour urinalysis, and other testing methods which then assist us to identify the specific nutritional herbs and enzymes needed to create the individualized, comprehensive plan of care.

Any three of the following may indicate a hormone imbalance:

Blurred Vision
Difficulty Sleeping
PMS Symptoms
Engorged Breast
Excessive Facial Hair
Frequent Urination
History of Antibiotic Use
Hot Flashes
Irregular Menstrual Cycles
Lack of Interest in Sex
Mood Swings
Oily Skin or Acne
Painful Intercourse
Poor Sense of Smell
Prescription Use
Thinning Hair
Use of Synthetic Hormones; Creams, Patches, or Pills
Vaginal Dryness
Weight Issues
Use of Birth Control Rx
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