Dandelion Tincture 

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Dandelion is commonly thought to be one of the ‘bitter herbs’ recommended in the Bible.  It has been used to aid digestion, relieve liver distress, and other ills.  Culpeper, a brilliant herbalist, states “It has an opening and cleansing quality, and therefore, very effectual for the obstructions of the liver, gall, and spleen.”

Dandelion is typically used as an digestive herb.  Its leaves and flowers are often used in salads or tea.  Dosage:  ½ – 1 tsp; 3-4 times daily as directed by your practitioner.  

As with any herbal preparation, dosage should be determined based on the status of your health and guidance from your practitioner. A teaspoon (dropperful) seems to do well for most people, but this should not be taken as a dosage recommendation.

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