Iridology & Sclerology

The science of iridology is used to gather information or clues about a person’s health. It is not used to make a diagnosis or conclusion. However, it can often be a very valuable tool for a practitioner when used in conjunction with other health information.

Amongst other things iridology can show what was inherited and thus what a person might have as areas of strength or weakness. Health is not only physical, it also includes mental and emotional components, the iris may provide clues. The practice of Iridology includes a close examination of your eyes utilizing a small light and camera to take pictures. Iridology will reveal the integrity of your body, overall health status and also any impending abnormal conditions before symptoms appear or never appear.

Sclerology is the art and science of interpreting the red lines in the white of the eyes or sclera for their reflexive, constitutional implications. Sclerology is an excellent tool for locating the stress that inevitably leads to dis-ease. Sclerology interpretation assist the practitioner understand and explain the present condition in perspective with stress-related history of their lives via the story in their eyes.

Investment : $175 including initial consultation and follow up.