What is Clay Therapy?


Is NOT a beauty treatment. It does not diagnose, treat, or cure diseases.

What it is: An ancient holistic modality using highly nutritive mud to restore energetic disruptions in the body due to injury.  Mud Packing releases the energetic block that causes unwanted symptoms. We may not be aware of some symptoms.

Our body is pure energy that takes a physical form.  The energetic field in and around our bodies can get damaged from injuries, surgery, or trauma.  Those fields have a lingering energetic wound LONG after tissues had healed.  This may help to explain those that experience pain or symptoms that have not healed.

What’s a biofield? It’s the energetic flow in AND around your body.  It’s the subtle energy that keeps things moving, allows information to move to and from the cells and for your body to have the electrical supply to bring on healing.  Consider the effect of a kinked garden hose.  One side has too much flow and the other, a trickle, or no flow.   If the water needs to move from point A to point B to get the desired results, you have to UN-kink the hose!  If the body finally can receive the energy it’s been lacking, it gets to work QUICKLY to begin repairs.


Testimonials from others that have experienced mud-packing:

  • Embedded glass and splinters in feet and hands suddenly came out.
  • A quadriplegic woman felt new sensations.
  • A woman who was hit in the eye and back of the head with the handle of her bike felt relief AND had infected drainage leave her eye by the next day.
  • A heart surgery patient was wise and mud-packed as soon as his scars closed. Recovery was easier than expected.
  • One student worked on ONE spot on her head and ALL the other places we mapped out on her corrected.
  • A young girl had been hit on the head with a baseball bat. It left a dent in her skull about the size of a quarter and a 1/2” deep. She had daily migraines immediately after the injury.  By dinner, after mud-packing, the dent had risen by 2/3rds and the migraines stopped completely.
  • An individual had slipped and fallen on ice resulting in a concussion 25 years ago.  Her skull on the backside was flattened, and her head was extremely sensitive.  She wasn’t able to tolerate anyone touching her head.  On day one she was mud-packed with step 1, the downloads.  Day two her interference fields (injury sites) were mud-packed, and day three she came back with her story. That morning she realized that she could TOUCH HER HEAD, recklessly and without consequence!  THEN, she felt her skull which had completely reformed to its original shape!  25 years of pain and hypersensitivity GONE.
  • An individual with a 3-year-old concussion was still experiencing cognitive issues including not being able to with a lot of people because the noise caused head pain, words were lost in conversations, many pauses in thought processes, emotionally flat and difficulty driving at night because of the lights.   After one day of mud-packing including the downloads (Step 1), and the interference field associated with the brain injury immediate results were experienced.  Sensations in the head were felt, deep dreaming occurred and within a couple of days emotions were experienced and creativity in words and feelings were felt and be verbalized in an extremely passionate interchange!   J. H.

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Step 1: Initial Consult, Body Map, & Downloads $147 Regular price Consult $75 + Downloads $125

Step 2:  Up to Three interference fields $75  Regular price $30 / each

Step 3:  A relaxing session on the Bio-Mat to assist your body in processing the information it has received.

Total Package Price : $225

Time Required:  The initial consultation and session including downloads and up to three interference fields will take approximately 3 hours.  It is suggested that after the session you also experience a Bio-Mat session ($25) to assist your body in processing the information it has received.  The total cost of this package is $225.


Will I need more than 1 Session?

  • This will depend on the energetic needs of the body.

Will there be mud placed all over my body?

  • This is not a muddy process!  Your practitioner will use small amounts of mineral mud on specific sites on your body to facilitate healing.

Will I feel the energetic shifts immediately?

  • While each person is different in how they feel energy; there is a possibility that you will feel tingling sensations or more at the time of the session.  Depending upon the session more processing may happen after our session together.  We are finding that shifts take place during the processing hours more than the actual session. Each individual will experience this differently.
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